Forest’s Friends

Forest’s Friends
© By: Basheesima

A story
Four parts

About a forest’s
Roots, trunks, branches, and leaves
All around
Into the skies

Growing together
Cherished sounds
Unlocked mysteries

That got lost
Meshed about
Can’t see the ground
In the bird’s eyes

Their sturdier forms
In all the storms

And bonded
Their living life
Stone by stone

A story, about a forest’s friends
That got lost, found and bonded.

Four parts: roots, trunks, branches, and leaves
Growing together, meshed about
Their sturdier forms, their living life.

Building all around, cherished sounds
Can’t see the ground, covered
Stone by stone.

High into the skies
Unlocked mysteries in the bird’s eyes.
In all the storms—Life.

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