Blessing or a Curse

Are the mottoes on America’s state license plates a blessing or a curse?
Some of my thoughts…

Florida motto: Sunshine State. Blessing…Sunbathing paradise. Curse…You get burned.

Maine motto: Vacationland. Blessing…A beautiful place. Curse…Tourists, locally referred to as Gappers, who rob you of privacy and tranquility.

Idaho motto: Famous Potatoes. Blessing…Home of Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head. Curse…Body parts can fall off.

California motto: Find yourself here. Blessing…Inner peace. Curse…Maybe you didn’t want to find yourself.

Nevada motto: Wide Open. Blessing…Plenty of room to move around. Curse…Leaving oneself too wide open can really cause problems.

Utah motto: Greatest Snow on Earth. Blessing…Skiing and striking beauty. Curse…Short people go missing in the winter.

Wyoming motto: Like no Place on Earth. Blessing…Very unique and individualistic. Curse…I believe survival OFF Earth is scientifically sketchy.

New Jersey motto: Garden State. Blessing…Flowers, fauna and greenery. Curse…Chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

Arkansas motto: The Natural State. Blessing…How great to be Au Naturel. Curse…Sometimes people should keep their clothes on.

District of Columbia motto: Taxation without Representation. Blessing…Their encoded idiom that most of us just guess at what it means. Curse…Their encoded idiom that most of us just guess at what it means.

New Hampshire motto: Live Free or Die. Blessing…Living Free. Curse…You die!!!!!!!


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