Finding Fantastic Figure

Hidden inside a deceptive exterior of rough camouflage; shimmering stripes stealthily cross over the grain of a Maple tree about to be felled by a forester. What the wood looks like will not be known until its bark is peeled away, or once it is milled. The characteristics are then revealed like when a person you have only known to frown, suddenly smiles, and changes your perspective of what you thought you saw as ordinary and even mundane, to delighted and desirous to experience more.

Our hunt for the perfect pieces of wood started when our client requested a bureau built out of Tiger Maple, one of the few American exotic woods, highly prized for making furniture and musical instruments. We finally found it hiding in the woods of New Hampshire, at GooseBay Lumber ().

The owner of the lumber mill treated his customers with a wonderful individualist consideration and showed care and interest in all the wood he supplied to each of our projects; for us he had set the wood aside and planed down two of the pieces to reveal those fantastic figures of tiger stripes.


We stacked the rough sawn planks atop our vehicle, brought them to our shop and worked our magic.
We built a bureau, designed to what our client desired…

Added customized dye, stain and finish…the tiger no longer remained hidden in the woods.IMG_4403IMG_4401

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