My sculptures can be seen in person at Gallery B on Main Street in Castine, Maine, Handworks Gallery in Blue Hill, Maine and Maker’s Market in Sedgwick, Maine.

Sea State, Bronze Sculpture with cast glass and shaped wood base

Wolf Priestess, Bronze Sculpture


Blue China Girls, Bronze Sculpture

Into the Light, Bronze Sculpture
Shared, Bronze Sculpture with reverse glass painting
456 Bedframes, installation at Handworks Gallery


Ringlet, Bronze Sculpture

Making the Mark, Bronze Sculpture with cast glass

Ocean Spirit Installation by:Basheesima aka Basha Olson

Ocean Spirit, Installation in Handworks Gallery street window

“Lights” individual sculptures from “Ocean Spirit” installation

Re’casuale, Bronze Sculpture
Bronze: “A Couple”

Architectural sculptureArchitectural sculpture

Ravens cast in Winterstone
Ravens cast in Winterstone

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