Exactly what is it YOU see? Click here for a page I started, titled Earthy Nature, where you will find what I saw.



Bonfire by:basheesima Ancient Gasoline: a gallon Decaying wood: a ton piled high Ten inches of freshly fallen angel white snow Light winds, perfect for fanning the flames I love a good burn! Wrapping ...


Red Tree

Evoked… When I saw. What I feel. Below clouds with crepuscular rays dashing— through— Floating clusters of suspended waters In a wild sky of light… A Fearsome Fluster of Luster by:basheesima



The first instant I listened to a man playing the piano at sunset on a long sandy beach no one but me and my dog prancing in purple waters and him playing. So sad. So powerful. I stayed, listening. Th...


He’s still…

I am writing a novel. A friend of mine, who has been reading the chapters as I write them, asked… ”I’ve always wondered about the writing process. Now that you’ve started and gotten a good ways in, h...


The Late Works

Having already suffered the early loss of his wife and three of their children, Rembrandt’s later years were burdened with bankruptcy, acrimonious legal proceedings with a former lover, and the loss o...


The Falls

First a cloud hovering over the lake Or a fire billowing smoke to the skies Closer still—thick, misty fog concentrated Water beside the road traveled—moves fast Faster Faster Waves hurtling, lifting o...



Ever since the first time I watched Star Wars, I have wanted to see another Galaxy with my own eyes. This year I have! I read “365 STARRY NIGHTS an introduction to astronomy for every night of ...


Moon Frost

Writing by moonlight on white paper, red pen Out the window, black trees grow in a frost field sea Simple silence to this early morning glee, broken By fog horn regularly warning of the dangers to be ...