Maine People’s Climate March

If you can’t change the world around you,

Change the world inside you.



Win a Tesla!

Go to which is a link from the lobby group


Give a listen to Depeche Mode’s new album “Spirit/Deluxe” and what follows is lyrics from their song, “Going Backwards”…

Going Backwards

by: Depeche Mode

We are not there yet

We have not evolved

We have no respect

We have lost control

We’re going backwards

Ignoring the realities

Going backwards

Are you counting all the casualties?


We are not there yet

Where we need to be

We are still in debt

To our insanities

We’re going backwards

Turning back our history

Going backwards

Piling on the misery


We are not there yet

We have lost our soul

The course has been set

We’re digging our own hole

We’re going backwards

Armed with new technology

Going backwards

To a caveman mentality


We can emulate on consoles

Killings we can control

With senses that have been dulled

Because there’s nothing inside

We feel nothing inside


We feel nothing inside… nothing inside…