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He’s still…

I am writing a novel.

A friend of mine, who has been reading the chapters as I write them, asked… ”I’ve always wondered about the writing process. Now that you’ve started and gotten a good ways in, how much has the ending changed since you started? Or has it simply become more defined?

I responded…

Interesting to be asking me this question at this exact moment when I have been contemplating killing one of my characters that I had not originally intended on killing.

Everything becomes more defined.

I create an outline to guide me where I have been with my minds thoughts.
I scribble on thousands of little pieces of paper what I imagine.
I test things for reality in real life, (this can be very fun)
I ask questions and questions and more questions.
I listen.

And then I go back to the outline. At times moments change on that outline, but not the truth of where I was going, because that is where I have already been. The first time around (the outline) it is like being at sea in a storm, all is fast and furious, and then it is over and you know everything that happened, but the details are missing until you go back and really look at them, really think about what went down, then you have a story.

When my best friend/partner read my response to this other friend, he started laughing. I looked at him questioningly. He explained, “No, no, I like it. It makes sense, but…” he tried to control his hystirics, “it’s just…” and here he made his voice sound like Yoda, “The truth of where I was going, I know, because I have already been there.”

He still has not stopped laughing.