Morse Code by Sunlight

Morse Code by Sunlight




I’m holding the mirror, standing at a high point on my property at 7am. The skies are clear and it is 27 degrees Fahrenheit (Still cold even though it is April.  I can’t sit on my bench because it has brilliant frost standing upright on the wood like a million leprechauns who forgot to wear green)


ok, back to SIMPLE…In the mirror is the location which is 2 (two) miles away where my friend is standing at her post awaiting my Morse code flash of the sunlight to be accomplished with the mirror I’m holding.




This is the message:   –.– , … , .-.. , ..–..   (Which is supposed to mean: Do you acknowledge.) I wonder if my friend studied?


There is no response, no return flash—no call on my cell to let me know she has seen it.


Well, the mists are a little thick. Beautiful veils of floating miniscule droplets of water, which conceal as i look through my binaculars—that—my—friend (smiley face if your reading this)—



The moral…there is always another day, and using new technology is tough.

AND THEN THE NEXT DAY SHE WAS THERE! But the sun had some other things happening…


Beautiful sunrise with a sun pillar and a 22halo with sundogs, WOW! But not good to reflect sun in a mirror.


THE NEXT DAY, both of us feeling like twelve-year-olds, were posiitoned at our designated spots at 730am…and we saw each others light.  There could not have been a better moment!

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