Then realized I got burned


The shadow is me without the clothes…odd twist from opening picture to this by looking at shadows…maybe just me?  Beyond the me is my land, which, after I found my sock, I went for a walk on my property and found out the blueberry people (now that is an odd picture for the mind to conjure up if you take my words literally) who own a hundred acres behind me had a wildfire, and a small, maybe quarter acre of my land got torched.


It must have been a really hot burn, for in the background is what it did look like where in the foregrond there is nothing left.  I stood in shocked horror.  I whipped out the iphone and snapped pictures and then called my still sleeping husband.

He yawns and whines, “What…”

“We got burned.”




“Yup,  the blueberry people got out of control.  Wildfire.  Think they’ll send a note and apologize?”


We did not get a note.  I still find the blueberry barrens beautiful.


And I think I can enjoy watching our torched patch grow.

I also finally looked up on the internet why they burn the blueberry fields…

The Native Americans burned the wild blueberry fields because it was easy and the fire did the work. Burning is really the most elegant way to manage the fields, especially if the conditions are right.  The Native Americans didn’t have mowers and clippers like we have today.  Burning kills insects and it helps control fungus and other pests that can lay dormant in the field.

I guess I got burned in the most elegant of ways?IMG_2763

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