Ancient Gasoline: a gallon
Decaying wood: a ton piled high
Ten inches of freshly fallen angel white snow
Light winds, perfect for fanning the flames

I love a good burn!

Wrapping cloth soaked in lamp oil around a stick
Standing back, the smoke will be thick
A simple flick of the bic

Flames burst from the pit!

Once the burn is established
Everything collected—useless—and old
Goes on to be turned to flames of gold
That is when

The memories burn!

I stand in dirty snow
Letting forever go
What I once loved
My hands are gloved.

Ashes—far they fly!

Wind ripples surging rows of heat.
I hold my breath. I’m beat.
Pieces of rusty metal bend
Nothing but coal base in the end!


What will Bee


What will Bee?

Mimicking his actions on the end of the flowery diving board; I lifted and planted my feet on the grassy ground a number of times. The flowers before me looked like chili-pepper red fireworks sizzling in the sun’s shadowed light.

“Be still.” She said.

I watched his clumsy headfirst dive. Deeper and deeper he went to his desire.

She said, “Keep watching, you’ll learn determination from him.”

His little black and yellow butt backed out of the Bee Balm’s petals. He fidgeted, he buzzed, and he packed his load.

She and I sat side by side. She said, “My sweetest girl, see his legs covered in pollen. Now, shhhh, stay still, let time be slow, and watch only him. Now is the moment, if you are here in this moment you will truly see this bee. When I say, reach out your hand. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Mama.”

The bee lifted from the flower, flew towards us, and pollen fell from his overloaded leg sacks. It drifted in the air like sparkling dust caught in a stream of sunshine cast through a solitary, small window in a dark attic.

“Reach out your hand.” She said.

The tiny bits tickled the tips of my small fingers.

Mama breathed deeply in, “Now smell.” She whispered.

In that moment all sensory input became implanted in my memory forever.

No matter where I am in this world, if there is just a hint of Bee Balm fragrance, this estranged daughter gets to bee in a moment of love with her mother.