A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time


A sweet four-year-old watched me pull on my jacket and slip my feet inside my boots. His long eyelashes swept over his innocent blue eyes. He asked me, “Are you going to be gone long?”


“About an hour.” I answered.


He tilted his head to the right (funny how we unconsciously do this when we are thinking) and asked, “Is an hour a long time?”


I zipped my jacket and crouched in front of him. I smiled big and told him, “For me an hour feels so very short. For you…it is a wondrous, glorious amount of time. Enjoy every minute and I’ll be right back.”


Being a true-to-form-four-year-old, he asked, “How many minutes do I have?”


I stood and happily declared, “Sixty-seriously-standout-seldom-ever-to-happen-again minutes.” I laughed and went out the door.




I’ve heard it is good to keep a bit of the child in you alive; I’ll do that, especially in observing my perception of time.


Although, sometimes it is good to have an HOUR feel like a second, a WEEK feel like a day, a YEAR feel like a week, and FOUR YEARS to feel like one cold winter I’d rather forget.



What will Bee


What will Bee?

Mimicking his actions on the end of the flowery diving board; I lifted and planted my feet on the grassy ground a number of times. The flowers before me looked like chili-pepper red fireworks sizzling in the sun’s shadowed light.

“Be still.” She said.

I watched his clumsy headfirst dive. Deeper and deeper he went to his desire.

She said, “Keep watching, you’ll learn determination from him.”

His little black and yellow butt backed out of the Bee Balm’s petals. He fidgeted, he buzzed, and he packed his load.

She and I sat side by side. She said, “My sweetest girl, see his legs covered in pollen. Now, shhhh, stay still, let time be slow, and watch only him. Now is the moment, if you are here in this moment you will truly see this bee. When I say, reach out your hand. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Mama.”

The bee lifted from the flower, flew towards us, and pollen fell from his overloaded leg sacks. It drifted in the air like sparkling dust caught in a stream of sunshine cast through a solitary, small window in a dark attic.

“Reach out your hand.” She said.

The tiny bits tickled the tips of my small fingers.

Mama breathed deeply in, “Now smell.” She whispered.

In that moment all sensory input became implanted in my memory forever.

No matter where I am in this world, if there is just a hint of Bee Balm fragrance, this estranged daughter gets to bee in a moment of love with her mother.

Earthy Nature

The wind tumbled a dry dead winter leaf over the stony shore.

The leaf cruised at me, and when it passed by my feet I looked down and found this precious skull; so delicate, so perfect. Just what was it when it lived?

Picking it up, watching seaweed slip away, the texture of the bone under my fingertips felt like a favorite polished stone. I expected a wretched smell, but death was long gone. The side bones created an eye to look in, even now. Could this be a baby seal head?

At the back, where the brain must have been housed, was a hole where the vertebrae would have streamed through—so amazing to look in and see where understanding took place. What, I wonder, was this creatures last thought?

Flipping the skull over, there are cavities, holes, where teeth nestled neatly in place. Appears two large canine teeth protected this creature. There also is an extra row of teeth back by what might be molars. Would that help it grind food?

I close my eyes while gently gripping it in my hand and rubbing my thumb along the ridgeline of the skull; in my mind’s eye I see a Fisher or a Fox. Maybe one killed the other?

One day, I may discover what creature’s head is now displayed on my shelf.

This post will be added to a new section in my blog titled: Earthy Nature, where I will share my love affair with this living world.


©by Basheesima

A pair of eagles migrate;
gracefully riding thermals.
Robins pick worms from the field;
really are the first birds to wake.
Pileated woodpecker patters on trees;
its call sounds like a monkey in the woods to me.
Dark clouds and southern winds;
rain, not snow, shall fall today.
The dog chews on a found bone;
a deer no longer roams
Red-winged blackbird
declares its throne.
Last of the snow-mountains,
Still so high,
Glad winter is over,
I thought I’d be buried alive.

Changing Line

Changing Line
© By: Basheesima and Kevin D. Porter

Swimming upstream and struggling onwards
Catch the drops and follow your brothers

Against the currents of Zephyr’s thunder
Wings fanned, dropping asunder

It’s not ours to find
Walking a changing line
You have to alter your mind
Walking a changing line

Swimming upstream, alone with another
Pouring the thoughts, words out of…order

It’s not ours to find
Walking a changing line
You have to alter your mind
Walking a changing line

Rivers seam the oceans mending line
Our worlds are joined to find
Some, some others time…

Catch the way of the other
Join the plight, become water
Changing the day, exploring the border
Delight in spite, without quarter

It’s not ours to find
Walking a changing line
You have to alter your mind
Walking a changing line

It’s not ours to find
Walking a changing line
You have to alter your mind
Walking a changing line

You know what’s yours is mine, walking in different times
You have to alter your mind, walking a changing line

Blessing or a Curse

Are the mottoes on America’s state license plates a blessing or a curse?
Some of my thoughts…

Florida motto: Sunshine State. Blessing…Sunbathing paradise. Curse…You get burned.

Maine motto: Vacationland. Blessing…A beautiful place. Curse…Tourists, locally referred to as Gappers, who rob you of privacy and tranquility.

Idaho motto: Famous Potatoes. Blessing…Home of Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head. Curse…Body parts can fall off.

California motto: Find yourself here. Blessing…Inner peace. Curse…Maybe you didn’t want to find yourself.

Nevada motto: Wide Open. Blessing…Plenty of room to move around. Curse…Leaving oneself too wide open can really cause problems.

Utah motto: Greatest Snow on Earth. Blessing…Skiing and striking beauty. Curse…Short people go missing in the winter.

Wyoming motto: Like no Place on Earth. Blessing…Very unique and individualistic. Curse…I believe survival OFF Earth is scientifically sketchy.

New Jersey motto: Garden State. Blessing…Flowers, fauna and greenery. Curse…Chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

Arkansas motto: The Natural State. Blessing…How great to be Au Naturel. Curse…Sometimes people should keep their clothes on.

District of Columbia motto: Taxation without Representation. Blessing…Their encoded idiom that most of us just guess at what it means. Curse…Their encoded idiom that most of us just guess at what it means.

New Hampshire motto: Live Free or Die. Blessing…Living Free. Curse…You die!!!!!!!