M, M & M

  Maple’s limbs encircle its trunk like one big hug.  The thawing ground  gets white rubber boots muddy while I lingering under this tree during my Mile Morning Meanderings.  


A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time by:basheesima A sweet four-year-old watched me pull on my jacket and slip my feet inside my boots. His long eyelashes swept over his innocent blue eyes. He asked me, “Are you going to...


Fire on the Water

  Fire on the Water by:basheesima       The swoosh of water passing over wooden planks sanded as smooth as a baby’s bottom and painted glossy black, the slap of a wave cresting and...


The Salt in my Bones

I don’t won’t can’t needn’t —say.     I do will can need —love.   I see saw live know —truth.   I feel deal steal reel —light.   I go stay wait come —home. ...


Finding South

Hanging with my friends on a beautiful sunny day, I noticed the moon shining in the afternoon’s blue skies and told them this…how to find south with the moon



Always by:basheesima    My heart beating like, a mad man drummer. Your hands touching me, yet not my lover. Closed eyes startling, static energy. Your lips speaking, truths not forgery. My spirit join...